WWII Comes Alive Through Stories

Huffer Oren (1)

Army glider crew member Oren Huffer

Greetings! My website has been down for a few months—too complicated to go into. So many things happened during that time—it made me realize how valuable a website can be to an author who is excited about her work – that’s me!

I know that sounds corny, but each morning I wake up thanking God for the opportunity to write full-time.

It’s a dream that took many years to come to fruition, but the wait was worth it!

Frasure new (2)

Naval aviator Harold Frasure

I won’t try to cram everything into one post. What I will mention is the continuation of the interviews I’m doing with World War II vets. My current total is 138!

That’s 138 fascinating stories about men and women who served our country more than 70 years ago during its hour of great need.

aWhiteleather seated

Max Whiteleather– Army soldier in D-Day, Battle of the Bulge

My book, World War II Legacies: Stories of Northeast Indiana Veterans, is packed with stories and photos of soldiers, sailors, airmen Marines, male and female who enlisted (volunteered) or were drafted from around the US and served around the world.


I hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy ($20) and reading it to gain a fuller understanding of what it meant to belong to our American military seven decades ago. If you could post a review at Amazon, I’d be really delighted and thankful! The book is available at Amazon. The cost quoted above does not include P/H.


What I’ll leave you with are photos of recent vets whose stories I wrote recently for the News-Sentinel newspaper in Fort Wayne. You can access these stories at



Next post I’ll write about my first Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana trip—and the plucky, sweet 95-year-old female Navy veteran who I accompanied as a guardian!

If you’ve heard about the Honor Flights and wondered what they were, be sure to tune in and hopefully some of your questions will be answered!

Please remember to thank a veteran today for his or her service!




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